Storyboards and Story-Shoots


AV video cameraEvery Health-and-Hope film you see has weeks and months of preparation in it. Did you realize that you’re seeing the fruit of germination and a long process of growth? We hope the results will be as nutritious as any ripe fruit should be.

Our MCH medical team daily interacts with patients who ask them pertinent questions and want to understand current health issues. What is diabetes? You want to know. How can we keep our children safe? You plead. These concerns lead to interviews, research, and development of a script. We plan to grab your attention. We want to show and tell you the facts.

To truly communicate with you, we need to understand your situation and know your concerns. We pour our hearts and minds into our productions, because we know our films will benefit you.

AV video shootBefore we picked up that camera, we’ve immerse ourselves in the story. We pre-visualize each scene. We draw storyboards. We ask each other, What should this scene convey? What’s most effective right now – a close-up or a wide-angle shot? What characters do we need? How should they enter and then exit the scene? What is each character experiencing? How can we show it, so that you feel it too? Do we want you to gasp? Laugh? Cry?

We recruit actors. We discuss and rehearse again and again. Then we enter a village. We prepare the set. Camera. Action…

We don’t just call ourselves “Health and Hope Productions” for nothing!