First-Year Reminiscing


Holding babiesWe've passed the one-year mark since I was truly "up and running" at MCH, so I'm being reminded of some of the crazy cases we had in those first weeks. I was just thinking the other day, "I don't think my nursing instructors were ever imagining I would be involved in a case like this!" I WAS not and AM not a superstar nurse. A hundred times a week, I beg for wisdom and help. But God has called me here and put me in these situations, so I do what I can. He makes me able. He makes each of us able.

In memory of:

  • rebar boy, who walked out in a week
  • the snakebite girl, who lost her baby at 8 months due to a viper bite, but survived and kept her smile
  • CL, who literally had pieces of tumor falling out, and was under 60 lbs. I believe she walked in under her own power... With a hemoglobin of 2 (NOT a typo)
  • the lady from whose bladder we emptied 5 liters... in a few hours

TripletsSometimes, all I can do is take a few minutes to enter into their grief. But God is doing good things. I'm grateful to be a small cog.

Submitted by Rachel Bennett, Fall, 2016