Training Leaders at BBCB


BBCB Class LectureOur Bible college is meeting the needs of the Christian community. This year we are training over 180 Bangladeshi leaders through our multi-faceted program. In Chittagong, the Christology class was taught in the fall of 2009. The spiritual appetite of these students made every class exciting. The teacher reported that observing the students’ progress through class interaction, debates, exams, and writing of confessions and catechisms was very gratifying. Continue to pray for the students as they apply what they learned to their personal ministries outside of class.

Baptist Bible College of Bangladesh (BBCB) needs more teachers. Pastor Benu suddenly passed away (at age 55) in a very fruitful time of life. His leadership as principal of the BBCB, as pastor of a local church, and as leader in our association of churches is a reminder of the urgent need to continually train new leaders. Pray especially for the three Bangladeshi Bible college teachers at the Malumghat campus. They feel increased responsibility to complete this year of college. Pray for the Lord’s guidance in selecting a new teacher and a principal for BBCB.


God is at work, but the few laborers are tired. This underscores the need for new career team members. Pray that the Lord would call out 3 new theological educators who love teaching God's Word and equipping nationals to do so.