Learning during Monsoon Rains


Notebook DistributionCoping with flooding is a way of life for Bangladesh residents. Millions of families live along the Bay of Bengal and beside its many rivers. Many government schools don’t open during strong rains, particularly during the monsoon season, because teachers and students cannot travel to school. However Light of Learning centers are right in the neighborhood, and despite the daily rains, AOB’s non-formal education projects, called “Light of Learning”, meets children’s needs. Because of the problem of rain, one community in the Cox’s Bazar district approached Light of Learning’s director; we were able to start a learning center for their children. (This photo shows notebooks being presented to one future student.)

Kids with UmbrellasParents and community leaders choose a dry location for these classes. For example, they may gather in the local community center. At this one that began during the rains, the children meet on one parent’s veranda. Not wanting to be left out, students happily splash through puddles. Then they leave their umbrellas dripping by the door, so that they can read, recite, sing, hear stories, and play learning games.

Rain or shine, at Light of Learning, we’re sharing the joy!