Trauma Healing. Whole Person Healing.


Trauma Healing Training"Trauma,” says the Trauma Healing Institute, “involves experiencing or witnessing intense wounds to body, mind and soul which overwhelms the capacity to cope. Survivors of trauma often live with recurring memories of atrocities witnessed and borne. It infects their sleep, destroys their relationships and their capacity to work, torments their emotions, shatters their faith, and mutilates hope. The wounds of trauma are not visible; their effects are."

For AOB’s medical team at Memorial Christian Hospital, trauma is part of every day that we serve. We see the physical wounds of road traffic accidents, domestic abuse, violent communities, even rape and human trafficking.  Less physically evident but just as real are the wounds to the mind and soul that our patients suffer. Very few people, if any, understand this aspect of trauma. Victims usually suffer alone with no one to help.
AOB-Bangladesh recently partnered with Bangladesh Bible Society, in training staff members in trauma healing. These staff members now lead seminars training other hospital staff and church leaders to recognize and to help victims of trauma.

Trauma Healing Training CertificateThe curriculum uses the healing power of Scripture, as well as basic mental health concepts and real-life stories, to help people understand their circumstances and reactions. Training in trauma-healing is a powerful tool which can help to heal hurting persons.

-submitted by MCH director
Autumn, 2019