Recovery through Specialist Intervention


Interview with PatientEly first saw little Nurul from across the ward while making rounds early one morning. He was trying to figure out how to snap his fingers. The older patients in beds nearby were showing him where to place his fingers, and poor Nurul was scowling in frustration that his fingers weren’t making the same snapping sound theirs were. She couldn’t help but smile as this cute little boy unintentionally brightening everyone else’s day with his playful, inquisitive spirit.

Nurul was only 4 years old when he was hit by a truck, causing intense abdominal trauma. After a failed surgery at another hospital, he was admitted to our hospital in critical condition. Many were unsure whether he would make it through the night, but God had a plan for this little boy. He underwent several surgeries in order to stop the internal bleeding, however the surgeons couldn’t find a way to completely reconstruct his bile duct in a fashion that would be compatible with life. Nurul was left with a special drain that drained the bile leaking form his gallbladder, but this was only a temporary fix. For him to live, he would need more surgery. Nurul was too weak and malnourished to undergo any more surgery, so the subsequent months were spent trying to get Nurul healthy enough for the surgery that could save his life. We needed to “fatten him up”!

Gaining StrengthWe did so with a concoction of peanuts and sugar, called “plumpy nut”. He also became our regular companion at tea time! He was a hoot to watch as he walked around with his ball cap on backwards and his drainage bag slung around his neck. He would check out Mary’s pockets each time she came by to see if there was a piece of candy to be had. He could usually be found hanging out with his friend, Tasminara, who had a bad bone infection in her leg and was in hospital for several months as well. He also loved looking at his picture and learned quite quickly how to find the pictures on a smart phone and play games on a tablet. He loved cars and was over the moon when he got to on a special plane ride, thanks to Samaritan’s Purse.

After much prayer. Nurul was sent to Dhaka, the capitol of Bangladesh, to have an operation from the country’s leading hepatobiliary pediatric surgeon, a Bengali trained in the USA. There was no other place that he could be sent to have such surgery. We had inquired about having a specialist come from North America to do the surgery at MCH, but that was not to be. This surgeon was touched by the plight of this young patient and agreed to do his surgery without charge! The Lord truly guided the surgeon’s hands during the 5-hour surgery. All the other costs incurred were covered by Samaritan’s Purse.

After a long road of recovery, little Nurul was able to return to the Rohingya refugee camp – where he and his six siblings call home. He stopped here on his way back to the camp to proudly show us his scars. We continue to pray to our miracle-working God for our little friend, Nurul.