Plan a Bengali Cultural Event

Kids!1. Surround your area with kerosene lanterns or torches. Decorate with potted palms.
2. Greet each other with ‘salaam” (right hand to the forehead in a gentle salute).
3. Remove shoes when entering the area.
4. Sit on the floor, Indian-style.
5. Listen to music from the Indian sub-continent (Check your local library or online).
6. Eat curry and rice with your right hand (fingers) only. Silverware can be optional.
8. Men and women should sit separately.
9. Pray, kneeling, with hands open up, chest-height.
Henna Hands
11. Teens can experience Bengali activities:
            a. Play badminton or soccer.
            b. Girls may use henna or red washable markers to decorate their hands with paisley designs.