Nurse Aides Course


Learning Mouth CareLearning Back Care“I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to take this class.” The girl who made this statement is one of 14 students in our nurse aide course. As she studies healthcare procedures and as she cares for patients, she is also learning about the God who made her and them. Every morning, we begin class by reading a section from God’s Word which applies to that day’s subject matter.

We pray for patients, co-workers, and ourselves. Last month one of our hospital employees traveled to India to have a brain tumor removed. This past weekend God brought him through the surgery, and he is scheduled to come home next week. Another man, from a neighboring village, fell from a tree, breaking 8 ribs. After a long stay in the hospital fighting a resistant infection, God gave healing. Sunday he was discharged from the hospital and went home to his family. A local pastor is currently in the hospital battling leukemia. He has been extremely ill, but we are slowly seeing improvement. We see that God provides, enables, and heals. We thank Him.

Please pray for teachers and students as we discuss health issues, practice new medical skills, and apply the truth of God’s Word. We trust God for the results.