Tribal Teachers' Seminar


Teaching SeminarThis school year, seventy tribal village schools are operating through Bangladesh Tribal Association of Baptist Churches. It's a privilege for AOB to partner with them. The Bangladesh government, in accord with UNESCO, is encouraging mother-tongue literacy for all citizens. These tribal schools teach the children to read their own language - Tripura, Mru, Kyang, and Marma - as well as Bangla, the national language.



Practicing Teaching MethodsRecently, a teachers' seminar drew in fifty teachers, some older and experienced and some new to their jobs. Seminar topics covered teaching methods, schoolroom organization, and classroom discipline. Teachers animatedly discussed and practiced teaching techniques on each other. Though each school is one-room only, multiple primary-school levels are taught. The school year began in January.




Many tribal villages still have no school. You can sponsor a tribal village school for only $50 per month. Your gift will provide a teacher’s salary and on-going training as well as school materials for each student and a school-wide agricultural training project. Your gift can transform an entire village.