Kyang Midwives' Seminar


Midwife Teaching

Boy eager to glimpse the seminar

Malumghat Hospital Project held a one-day seminar for midwives of the Kyang tribe. Since only 18% of deliveries in Bangladesh are done in hospitals, midwives serve a crucial role. Education for the midwives is minimal, so community health teaching from Memorial Christian Hospital has made a huge impact. The midwives received valuable instruction regarding labor, delivery, and sterile technique.




Distributing suppliesThey also received tangible assistance in the form of supplies. North American women make bags and baby blankets and ship them to our hospital. In the picture, these items are being distributed to the midwives.


Elderly Care






In the same village, at the local school building, our hospital doctors cared for 80 patients. They counseled and gave free medicine. Each winter and spring, Memorial Christian Hospital operates free mobile clinics, such as this one, in needy areas.