Christmas in November?


Child ReadingDr. Fowler with new babyYes, Christmas now! Have you considered a Christmas gift to the hospital ministries in Bangladesh? Here are a few suggestions of how just a few dollars can be a great help, and you can beat the holiday rush!

  1. Gift idea #1: How much does it cost you to see your doctor for an illness? Or to take your child into the pediatrician? MCH gives out about $2,000 each month in hospital relief so that poor people can receive medical treatment. Your gift can help by providing the funds for an outpatient visit, 2 lab tests (CBC & malaria test), and a chest X-ray. Pay for one patient = $7. Pay for 10 patients = $70.
  2. Gift idea #2: Replacement pulse oximeters are needed in three probe sizes (adult, pediatric & neonatal). Cost for one probe = $200.
  3. Gift idea #3: Replacement hand-held electronic fetal monitor - 4 are needed for monitoring maternity patients in various places in the hospital. Cost for one monitor = $600.
  4. Gift idea #4: We desire to have a more effective inventory system in several hospital departments. This will promote efficiency, decrease costs, and help prevent petty thievery. A new Dell Latitude laptop computer costs $800.
  5. Gift idea #5: Our hospital social workers visit all of the hospital patients at least twice a day. Many health pamphlets and tracts are given to patients and their companions. A gift of $300 will provide sufficient literature to last about three months.

To contact the Medical Director, click here.