MCCHS Nurse Aide Graduation - September 25, 2010


Nurse Aide Graduates 2010“It was the best graduation I’ve been to in a long time.” Several people said this after the nurse aide graduation. It poured rain but that did not stop the excitement. People came with dripping clothes, mud-caked shoes, and a smile on their face. The students were so happy to have completed their training, and their friends and family were there to congratulate them. It was the best graduation!

There were 2 main speakers. One was the head of our Physical Therapy department. As usual, he brought something to help people remember what he spoke about. He drew a picture and reminded the students to:

  • Tuhin Speakinglearn diligently with their mind
  • see carefully with their eyes
  • listen closely with their ears
  • speak kindly with their mouth
  • comfort soothingly with their hands
  • serve lovingly with their heart

 It was an excellent message for our graduates.

 The second speaker began his career in our hospital as a nurse aide several years ago. Now he is the head of our Operating Room department. He challenged the students that they will only succeed to the level that they try, and they should take advantage of every learning opportunity. Both speakers did an outstanding job.

We were able to hire 11 out of the 14 to begin working at Memorial Christian Hospital. They began their employment on October 3rd. I have rarely seen a more grateful group of young people. They were so thankful to be chosen and given an opportunity to work.

Contributed by: Lisa Giesler, MCCHS Assistant Director

Thinguk Happy to be FinishedAbdul receiving MCCHS Certificate