A Christmas Blog


Church ServiceChristmas MorningWe've survived Christmas, with its star above the hospital and its rowdy carolers at our door. Though only celebrated by 1/2 of 1% of Bangladeshis, we Christians wildly enjoy Christmas. Parades march by with beating drums, waving banners, chanting kids, and blaring carols. The boys and I savor the season.
“So what’s your favorite thing about Christmas?” I asked them one day.
“Visiting!” Caleb shouted.
“Church on Christmas morning!” Luke chortled.
A vanload of us joined my husband when he went to preach at one church a couple days before Christmas, then again Christmas morning at another church, and once more New Year’s Day in still another church. We had hours of services, handed out scores of gifts, made millions of visits, and ate mountains of snacks. For Bangladeshis, visiting people in their homes is a priceless gift; so this year, God has used Zechariah’s song to help me think about His infinite grace: “Praise the Lord! He has come and (imagine it!) visited his people!” What love!