Beauty from Ashes


DespairBoy Salvages What He CanThe emergency relief program continues to seek ways to help our national partners demonstrate compassionate love through local churches in the name of Christ. When a fire decimated a community near the Kalurghat Baptist Church this year, our Emergency Relief committee went to work again.

No one died in the fire, but each family lost most of their possessions. Four of the families have children in the Compassion School reaching out from the church. Another of the families had relocated to this neighborhood after the severe fire in 2004. How sad to experience the same plight all over again! Most are hard working people living in brick, mud, or thatched homes. Obviously the fire spread quickly through the thatched houses leaving nothing behind, yet many solid homes were also destroyed. The fire spread from one house to the next, burning the beams in the roof, then consuming everything inside with the intense heat.

Relief RiceBlanket DistributionPastor Ajoy and the director of our ER program drove hard but friendly bargains with merchants who were happy to make a fast sale and help us aid the families who suffered loss in this fire. Consequently, they secured greater quantity and finer quality items than people could have acquired for themselves. The 45 families came to the church to collect food staples, bed and kitchen supplies, and clothing. Continue to pray for this Buddhist community. While it is always difficult to see so many suffer loss, we praise the Lord that He is using this program to show compassion and introduce people to the God who loves them.