Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic: Ladies Learn it all


Literacy GraduatesLadies ReadingLiteracy: it’s not an issue most people in the west struggle for; we assume that people can read. Literacy is not assumed in Bangladesh. Often as we interact with women here, we ask, “Can you read?” They acknowledge the truth, “No, I can’t.”

Many of the tribal women, widows, and physically impaired who work at Heart House are illiterate. Though they produce intricate, beautiful handicrafts, they struggle with simple daily tasks: shopping, paying bills, and helping their children with homework.

Heart House offers literacy classes for all its employees during the workday. Classes are conveniently held during lunch break, twice a week for 2 hours. Many ladies have completed all literacy primers and received certificates for their mastery of the material. We’re proud of their achievements, and we’re proud of Heart House’s efforts on behalf of these women. You go, ladies!