Changing Lives One Book at a Time


Book StallLiterature Division has sold hundreds of books across Bangladesh this past winter. Dry season is prime time for seminars and conferences. Travel is easier, and bookstalls don’t need roofs. Two of Literature Division’s team of four eagerly packed up boxes of literature and attended these conferences. Now they grin as they tell of women pooling funds to purchase one book costing 50 cents. They laugh about a surprise rain that caused them to grab their table and run for cover. They tell which books drew the most customers. They give ideas to draw all the more people to their bookstalls. Their goal, they chuckle to tell it, is to bring home as few books as possible.

Book EditingThis winter of 2010-11 our Provider God has given AOB’s Literature Division hope and confidence for the years ahead. In the fall they had feared they would have to close their doors of operation. Each month they were sinking more deeply in debt. Dear staff members were laid off. Publications were put on hold. But God has abundantly supplied. In the past four months, His people around the globe saw the need and partnered with Literature Division to keep this essential ministry operating. The future is still in the balance. $500 of monthly support is needed. Partner with us in this strategic project.

Stack of BooksIn December, three new books were published. In January, the much-requested hymnbook was reprinted. In February, another book was updated and released. And in March, five tracts and children’s Sunday School materials were reprinted. Backstage, teams are checking translations of three more books, soon to be ready for printing. Join us in thanking God. Partner with us in publishing even more books. One hundred sixty five million Bengalis fill this land. Literature Division seeks to change lives one Bengali at a time.