The Gift Goes On


Christel - OB DoctorStefani - Observing SchoolVisitors and volunteers of all ages joyfully give their time to AOB Bangladesh’s efforts. People with diverse skills and interests join us for a week, a month, a year or longer. They – and we - will never be the same. Meet some recent volunteers who are sharing the gifts that our God has so generously given them:

Dr. Christel Brabon, OB-Gyn, has recently completed her medical training. Teaming up with Samaritan’s Purse, she joined us for two years of service. She cared for mothers and newborn babies; they loved to see her coming.

Rev. and Mrs. Roger McCarty enjoyed visiting Bangladesh. Roger recently taught at two pastors’ seminars, preached in local churches, and then observed surgeries in his free time. He’s eager to tell his church back in America about God’s work here.

Lynette Carroll majored in Upholstery, Textiles and Design. Using her newly learned Bangla, she joined Heart House women each day, learned how to make their products, and introduced new designs.

Seth at PicnicLaura - Trying on local dress (sari)Laura Costerisan is a mathematician, but she also loves languages. She conversed with our national school teachers about their English lessons, and she helped nursing students with their English and math skills.

College student Trent Pruett plans a career as nurse anesthetist. He observed surgeries at MCH, then helped in computer labs.

College student Joy Kelly, studied Speech Pathology. She joined in on English conversation classes.

College student Stefani Klaesi, majoring in Intercultural Studies, journaled her insights about life here. She interviewed women of the area, observed in a local high school, learned Bangla music, and then taught us new songs.

What gifts has God given you? You might be able to share those gifts right here. Pass it on!