Income Generation




Doll ProductionDoll MakingBangladesh has a full history of handcrafted goods.  Muslin cotton, Jamdani saris, a variety of embroidered items, and copper work are just a few of this nation’s specialties.

The Heart House handicraft project develops handcraft skills and hires widowed women and physically disabled people and then markets their products. Our goal is to improve the standard of living for impoverished people and to aid in economic growth.  Heart House sponsors sewing centers in villages.  Patchwork Handicrafts sponsors centers offering skill development and employment in Chittagong city. 




Tree PlantingTree PlantingAgriculture is the most important economic activity in Bangladesh.  Most Bangladeshis farm with simple tools similar to those their ancestors used. Many families raise poultry, goats, or cows. 



Through our agricultural seminars, people learn to generate income and improve their families’ nutrition through more effective and efficient production of fruits and vegetables, fish and small animals.  We also distribute seeds, seedlings, and saplings.