Learning to Lead


Water FightGame Time New Life Bangladesh welcomed 90 college students of the district to think, meet new friends, and apply truth. AOB's camping program is an integral part of the Child and Community Development project. We want to equip youth to influence others as they become what God wants them to be.




Bible SkitAn American teacher, Harold Ebersole, spoke on being a leader like Jesus, and he led “workshops” about it, too (being a servant-leader with God alone as our authority). An Indian teacher, Samuel Das, challenged students to be the fragrance of life. Everyone really enjoyed the time. They had wild game times, cultural shows, skits, and a crazy water-fight (using buckets, pitchers, and even a huge hose). The girls won a lively debate on whether mobile phones are good; in the end, male students heartily agreed that phones can and should be used for God's glory. They left camp waving goodbye to new friends and looking forward to living the truths they had learned.