A Day in the Life of a Doctor


Pressure Cuff

Yesterday’s clinical experiences included the following:

  • A woman with severe diabetes who had her right foot amputated about 2 years ago. She came in yesterday with dry gangrene in her left great toe and oh, by the way, had fallen 8 days ago while maneuvering on crutches and so also had a fractured left hip. And oh, by the way, she also has a thyroid the size of two grapefruits.
  • Then around 7 p.m. I admitted 4 patients:
    • One a man in his 20’s who fell from a tree and can’t move his legs. Fracture to lumbar vertebrae 1 and 2.
    • A nine-day old baby whose parents dusted him with insect powder. Not sure why. Guaranteed to kill cockroaches and almost killed the child.
    • A man in his 40’s with no blood pressure and we couldn’t hear his heart beat. Low oxygen levels. Probably a severe pneumonia with septic shock.
    • And a woman in her 40’s whose lungs were filled with fluid. Congestive heart failure and possible TB. Oxygen levels in the 60’s (normal in the 90’s). She felt a little better after she got rid of nearly a gallon of extra fluid overnight.

My praise is that they all lived through the night. My request is that they personally would understand God’s amazing grace. Pray as we are stretched beyond our limits and knowledge on a nearly daily basis.


-contributed by Dr. Heather Fowler