MCH Renewal Project



“Providing compassionate health care to the people of Bangladesh”

In 1959, a vision was planted among a small band of pioneers – a vision to carry God’s love into East Pakistan through compassionate, high-quality health care. In God’s time and in His own remarkable way, a team was assembled and funds were raised to build Memorial Christian Hospital on the edge of the jungle. The little hospital opened in 1966 and quickly grew to meet the needs of the surrounding community. It survived civil war and the bloody birth of a new nation - Bangladesh. For tragic reasons, the name “Bangladesh” soon became known to the rest of the world…renowned as a land of famine and cyclones, military coups and explosive population growth. But in God’s wise design, He showed His love during troubled times using tools of modern health care.

Much has changed in medicine during the past forty years, with many of these advances quickly reaching Bangladesh. Unfortunately, nearly every advance requires additional physical space. Meanwhile, the population now exceeds 150 million – almost tripling since the hospital opened, and making it the most densely populated country on the planet. After more than 40 years of heavy use, the facility and infrastructure have become strained to the breaking point. The net result is an increasingly inefficient work environment with compromises in patient safety and privacy at every turn. With these challenges in view, in 1996 the MCH medical staff began to dialogue and pray about “renewing” MCH, starting with spiritual renewal and extending to bricks-and-mortar “facility renewal” as the Lord should lead. Nearly ten years passed while awaiting the Lord’s confirmation and direction.

In 2006, the dream started to become reality. Systematic reviews of MCH’s ministry strategy, operations, and project feasibility were completed by outside consulting teams. These consultants observed that MCH’s outreach remained remarkably effective, and its reputation for quality care was superb despite a woefully inadequate facility. In brief, the necessity of a new facility and the feasibility of the project from an engineering perspective were both wholeheartedly affirmed.

In 2011, a national design firm was hired to provide a complete building design package for the construction of the new hospital based on preliminary design work that had been prepared by American Architects. A husband and wife project management team arrived in November 2012 and worked with the architects and engineers to finalize the design drawings, tender documents and gain the necessary approvals. The building package was tendered in the spring of 2013 and a national general contractor was selected. Construction began in June 2013 with the layout of the building and the start of foundation works. Foundation pilings were completed in September 2013 followed by work on pile caps and short columns up to the basement level.

We pray you will partner with us as we desire to provide the people of Bangladesh with a tangible expression of God’s love: excellent health care by His grace and for His glory.


In addition to a facility renewal for the continuing of current services, the new hospital building will provide an increased capacity as well as ancillary departments that were not previously included.

  • 120-bed multi-level medical center (125,000 sq. ft. with +80% of the old facility being preserved for administrative and non-clinical functions) with shell space for an additional 35 beds
  • 12-bed ICU, 7-room OR suite, 8-bed PACU, OB wing, private rooms, ER and trauma services
  • Improved outpatient clinic space – roughly tripled to enable care for more than 300 outpatients daily; greatly expanded capability to support satellite clinics


The new hospital project has been divided into three phases. The general contractor has been hired for Phase 1 and part of Phase 2.

  • Phase I: New hospital building envelope (including building shell with windows, doors, interior walls), preliminary site work.
  • Phase II: Electrical, plumbing and interior fit-up of new hospital building.
  • Phase III: Equipment furnishing in new hospital building, electrical power system upgrades, and re-purposing pre-existing buildings.

Through the generosity of many, Phase I will be covered by funds raised to date. The three phases are anticipated to be overlapping with Phase II commencing in November 2014 and completion of Phase I in February 2015.

As a faith ministry, we rely entirely on God’s provision of financial support through generous donations for projects such as the MCH Renewal Project. As Nehemiah understood well, it is God who does the work and provides through the generosity of His people (Neh. 4:6; 6:16).

Please partner with us. It is our hope that Phase II can begin in November 2014 as scheduled.

Project Name: MCH Renewal Project
Contact: Dr. Steve Kelley, MCH Renewal Coordinator


  • Praise God with us for this wonderful opportunity to minister in Bangladesh!
  • Pray that God would open the storehouse of heaven and provide the necessary funding to continue with construction!
  • Pray for a new hospital administrator, doctors and nurses (and short-time assistance in the meantime) and additional project management and site supervision personnel.
  • Pray for the Bangladeshi contractor and for good accountability and stewardship of the project