We Need Prayer!

Get involved in Bangladesh by praying with us! Below are some things we are praying for right now. Join with us in prayer as we thank our Provider and call on His grace!

Thank our Provider God

  • that He is continuing His work here.
  • that new colleagues, Bengali and expatriates, are joining our team.
  • that ministry teams are demonstrating God’s grace.
  • that God is healing and giving hope to hospital patients.
  • that graduates of Memorial Christian College of Health Science will begin employment at our hospital and in the hill-tracts.
  • that good progress is being made on the hospital renewal project.

Pray for Us

  • that we will love God with all our hearts, minds and strength
  • that we will love our neighbors as ourselves.
  • that we stay alert to opportunities God brings.
  • that we be channels of God’s grace and truth.
  • that Christ be our example and guide.
  • that God’s will be fulfilled in our relationships and ministries.
  • that we be faithful in prayer and Bible reading.
  • that the love of Christ would guide the development workers in all we do.
  • that God will be our vision, that His will would be our will, and that the joy of the Lord would be our strength.
  • that God would be glorified in and through expatriate and Bangladeshi staff.
  • that our unity and partnership in ministry would proclaim God’s power.
  • that He would give grace, endurance, and encouragement to overcome all obstacles for Him.
  • that expatriate development workers continually grow in understanding the Bengali culture in order to communicate more effectively.
  • that our love for God and others would abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.

Pray for our Partners

  • that more qualified, Bengali Christian teachers teach at our schools.
  • that teachers serve God by wisely training and loving students.
  • that Heart House can find good markets for their products.
  • that more Bible college courses be developed.
  • that God direct a hospital administrator, family practice doctor, obstetrician, clinical instructor, and theological educator to join us.
  • that God guide and financially provide for colleagues who are working to soon join us.

Pray for Resources

  • that God provide funds for re-printing and publishing new books.
  • that we can produce more audio recordings in multiple languages.
  • that God provide funds for camping programs and village schools.
  • that God provide grants for community health workers and village clinics.  

Pray for the Nation

  • that God will bless Bangladesh as people seek Him.
  • that leaders and all in authority seek God’s wisdom.
  • that God continue to grant freedom of speech and religion.
  • that medical teams wisely teach prevention of the common diseases of the most impoverished.
  • that God be glorified as He meets the needs of Bangladeshis. 

Pray for Christians in Bangladesh

  • that their lives proclaim Christ’s love
  • that God guide as they serve all people groups.
  • that church leaders continue to grow spiritually.
  • that Christian youth become godly servant-leaders.
  • that Christians gather faithfully to worship.
  • that they trust God and His promises.

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