Malumghat Hospital Project

Along with tertiary care, the Malumghat Hospital Project emphasizes community health, essential obstetric care, essential newborn care, preventative education, and training for primary care providers.

memorial Christian Hospital

Memorial Christian Hospital offers quality general medical, surgical, and obstetrical care. Preventive medicine too is offered through immunization clinics and public health teaching. Our hospital staff receives in-service education.

Community Health

Community Health is our project’s goal, which has led MCH’s team to sponsor and run village clinics, midwifery seminars, and preventative health seminars. We offer health literature and educational videos in-house and beyond. 

Memorial Christian College of Health Sciences

Memorial Christian College of Health Sciences trains medical professionals. Students practice care-giving skills under MCH’s supervision.

Limb and Brace Division

Limb and Brace Division of MCH constructs prostheses, crutches, and braces on site. MCH’s physical therapists partner with Limb and Brace, training amputees and helping patients develop mobility and rehabilitation.

Health and Hope Productions

Health and Hope Productions develops educational DVDs. These are viewed at hospitals, in homes and  schools, and at community health workers’ training classes. 

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