Human resources Development

AOB’s Human Resources Development programs contribute to Bangladesh’s wealth of human resources.

Cultural Research

We value the cultures, languages, and literature of Bangladesh. Our linguistic teams produce dictionaries, grammars, and books to preserve the heritage of each people group. Our Bangladeshi language teachers guide expatriates in gaining proficiency in language and sensitivity to culture. 


Bangladesh’s literacy rate is rapidly increasing and now is at 75%. However, districts in which AOB operates have a slower literacy rate, because most people do not speak Bangla as their mother tongue. AOB offers formal and non-formal education, particularly to children from disadvantaged families. 

Income Generation

Literature Division

Literature Division produces and markets a wide range of quality Bangla literature: from literacy courses,  health booklets, and instructions on current social concerns, to books for Christian growth and curriculum  for Bible college, camp, and seminars.

Child and Community Development

At Dishari Retreat Center and beyond, our teachers offer moral and spiritual education including current social concerns. Computer courses, medical training, EFL classes, and agricultural teaching help participants gain life-skills. Our program helps participants lead God-honoring, productive lives and assist in community development. 

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